Olga Smirnova & Semyon Chudin
Olga Smirnova & Semyon Chudin


Requirements for participation

  • The registration for TANZOLYMP is only via online application forms possible
  • Application forms for the Festival 2025, filled in completely, have to be submitted by December 10th, 2024.
  • The participant agrees with the submission of the application forms to the rules & conditions of the Festival
  • Not completed application forms will not be accepted
  • Every participant / group must send a link to an online video of the performance on YouTube or other websites. The links have to be filled in on every application form
  • In the application form each participant / group has / have to decide in which category it / they want(s) to participate
  • The number of participants in a group is not limited


Solo artists, duos and groups may compete in the following dance categories:

  • CP- Classical / Neoclassical Dance: state schools and professional dancers
  • CS- Classical / Neoclassical Dance: private schools
  • MP- Modern / Contemporary Dance: state schools and professional dancers
  • MS- Modern / Contemporary Dance: private schools
  • FP- Folk Dance: for all
  • DP- Pop, Jazz and Tap Dance: for all

Age groups

  • Group 1: from 8-12 years old
  • Group 2: from 13-15 years old
  • Group 3: from 16-18 years old
  • Group 4: from 19-25 years old (the maximum age for group’s dancers is 25 years old)

A solo artist from a state school in the category “Classical Dance”, age group 2 would have to fill in the following abbreviation in her / his application form: CPS2

Special regulations

  • The competition for private schools starts on February 21st, 2025
  • All participants are required to have their own health insurance! The organizers will not assume any liability for accidents, thefts, etc. occurring during the festival on or off the premises of the event
  • Not all winners will perform at the Final Gala, but only the best performances which will be chosen by the jury
  • Balanchine choreography is not allowed to be performed at Tanzolymp 

Number of performances and duration

  • After the submission of the participation program to the organisers, no modifications can be made
  • During the competition solo artists, duos and groups will perform according to the order established in a schedule shortly before the opening day of the Festival
  • The schedule includes adequate preparation time for each participant
  • The schedule for rehearsals corresponds with the schedule for the competition
  • The above time limits are binding and not to be exceeded
  • The number, the duration and the combination of performances is regulated as follows:
For soloists:
  • 2 performances in the dance category Classical / Neoclassical Dance (maximum 4 minutes for both)
  • 1 performance in the dance category Modern / Contemporary Dance (maximum 4 minutes)
  • Solo artists in the categories Classical / Neoclassical Dance have to participate with 2 performances. These 2 performances have to be assigned to the category Classical / Neoclassical Dance. Solo artists are not allowed to participate with 1 performance in the category Classical / Neoclassical Dance and 1 performance in the category Modern / Contemporary Dance
  • Special regulation for solo artists: solo artists are not allowed to perform in a duo or Pas de deux! Participation with her / his group is allowed
For Duos
  • 1 Pas des deux from classical repertoire (maximum duration 11 minutes)
  • 1 performance in the category Modern / Contemporary Dance (5 minutes)
  • Duos and Groups are allowed to participate in 1 category only: either Modern / Contemporary Dance or Pop / Jazz Dance or Traditional / Character Folk Dance
  • Duos are not allowed to perform with their group as solo artists
For Groups
  • 2 performances in one dance category only (maximum 8 minutes for both)
  • Groups are obliged to participate with 2 performances

Participation fees

  • Fees will be calculated individually. All fees are payable upon application, however, no later than January 15th, 2025 to the PraBesTime account
  • It is not possible to reimburse fees for registered participants who fail to attend the Festival
  • Costs for transport within Berlin or transfers from / to the airport or train station are not included. Every participant is responsible for her / his travel costs to and from the event
  • The accommodation of all participants at the Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz is a compulsory condition
  • The costs for 4 nights are calculated individually by TANZOLYMP and are the same for all participants and their parents


Playback music

  • The music files should be renamed with the participation number of your variation in the program, your name / group name and the name of the variation.
  • Файлы с фонограммой должны быть переименованы в соответствии с вашим номером в программе, вашей фамилией или названием коллектива и названием вариации. 
  • Die Musikdateien sollen nach der entsprechenden Nummer aus dem Programm, Ihrem Namen und dem Namen der Variation umbenannt werden.
  • Please send the your music in advance to until February 1st, 2024
  • Please note: only wave, aiff, m4a and mp3 formats are accepted
  • Wma and cda files are not accepted
  • Do not send any music files until you get your personal number in the program
  • In addition every participant has to have a copy of the musical pieces used in the performances
  • Every musical piece should be provided in a good quality
  • Piano recordings for classical repertoire variations are not allowed
  • No CD or minidiscs are allowed


The hotel fee includes:

  • 4 nights in double or single room at the Park Inn Hotel (****+)
  • All participant wishing to stay in a single room have to pay the additional charges for a single room
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Organised museum tour in Berlin (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)
  • The use of mini bar and phone must be covered by participants, TANZOLYMP is not responsible for extra costs
  • Every extra day at the hotel will be charged additionally

The fees for accommodation are payable upon application, however, no later than January 15, 2025. Otherwise the application will be canceled

Every participating school has to transfer the hotel fee as a total amount for the all school members / parents or teachers. Individual money transfers will not be accepted

Payments should be made out to PraBesTime Production. For the payment of hotel fees, every participant / group will receive an invoice with an individual invoice number. This number hast to appear on every payment to TANZOLYMP otherwise it is impossible to assign the payment to the participant / group

It is not possible to reimburse the charges for accommodation for registered participants who fail to attend the Festival




February 20th, 2025

  • Opening ceremony of the 19th International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP in Berlin
  • First day of the competition in the categories Classical / Neoclassical Dance and Modern Dance for private schools

February 21st, 2025

  • Second day of the competition in the categories Classical / Neoclassical Dance and Modern Dance for state schools and professional ballet dancers

February 22nd, 2025

  • Third day of the competition in the categories Folk Dance and Pop / Jazz Dance

February 23rd, 2025

  • Award Ceremony and Final Gala (performances by selected winners and guests of the 21st International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP)


Nina Ananiashvili

Nina Ananiashvili

Andrey Klemm. 
photo by Marie-Helene Buckley

Andrey Klemm

photo by Marie-Helene Buckley

Iana Salenko

Iana Salenko

Kelvin O'Hardy

Kelvin O'Hardy

Oliver Matz

Oliver Matz

Anna Polikarpova

Anna Polikarpova


Jan Broeckx

Wilfried Jacobs

Wilfried Jacobs

Mihail Sosnovschi photo by Guenter Ringelhant

Mihail Sosnovischi

Grigory Chicherin

Grigory Chicherin

Ernst Meisner - photo by Sebastien Galtier

Ernst Meisner

Christine Camillo

Christine Camillo

During the TANZOLYMP a variety of master classes will be offered, as well as classical, modern, contemporary and folk dance styles. International ballet stars and teachers from the world’s best dance institutes share their ideas and knowledge, giving participants possibilities to try out various choreography styles and improvisation methods.

The master classes take place at the Staatsballett Berlin, Friedrichstadt-Palast and Marameo Studios. All classical master classes are accompanied live by pianists. The number of attendants is limited. Further information can be found at the TANZOLYMP information desk at the Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz. The participants receive a certificates confirming their master class activities.

Photos by Hülya Aksular Sanat Atölyesi


Alte Nationalgalerie
Altes Museum
Ethnologisches Museum
Friedrichswerdersche Kirche
Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin
Museum Berggruen
Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Museum für Fotografie
Neue Nationalgalerie
Neues Museum
Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg
Schloss Köpenick
Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung
Ethnologisches Museum
Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Museum für Islamische Kunst
Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte
Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst
Vorderasiatisches Museum

Important Information


  • All participants of TANZOLYMP have to be accommodated at the Park Inn Hotel Alexanderplatz
  • Check in at hotel at 3 pm
  • Check out at hotel at 12 pm
  • By arrival to the hotel everyone should check in at the information table for further instructions (in the foyer) and quote the group leader’s room number
  • The group leaders have to provide a list including the names of participants, the amount of their rooms and their room numbers
  • Breakfast at the hotel from 6 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., on the second floor
  • Dinner at the hotel from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., on the second floor
  • The access to the breakfast and dinner area in the Park lnn Hotel is possible only when wearing the name badges with the TANZOLYMP-logo
  • On February 24th, 2025 the dinner will be served in the lunch room between 2 and 5 pm due to TANZOLYMP award ceremony and Final Gala

Admission to competition events

  • In the registration giveaway-package received at the check-in you will find a badge / name tag which will give you access to rehearsals, the competition, backstage areas and dinner at the hotel
  • It is important to wear your badge / name tag at all time. All participants and accompanying teachers will receive a badge / name tag
  • Parents and teachers would need a ticket for Final Gala in order to observe the Award Ceremony on Monday, February 24th 2025. These tickets will serve as admission to the Award Ceremony and Final Gala
  • During the Award Ceremony there is no assigned seating - only free seating

Warm Up / Rehearsal Space

  • In addition there will be a warm up / rehearsal room in the Park Inn Hotel
  • Due to the number of participants, we ask for your understanding that during rehearsal it would be possible to utilize the stage only for the first variation or dance with music. The second is ONLY for verification of the music. ln the breaks it is possible for everyone to warm-up on stage
  • The participants taking part in the Final Gala have to wear their costums during the rehearsals